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Parking Ratepayers Board (PRB)
The Board’s purpose
The Parking Ratepayers Board (PRB) was formed in 2004 to advise the Chancellor on parking finances and operations. The Board provides oversight on campus parking policies, advises on the allocation of funds raised by parking fees, and votes on new ratepayer-funded facilities.

The Board is comprised of nine members, of which three each represent faculty, career staff, and the student body. Members are parking permit holders.

Current members
Chair: Chuck Haines (email:
Faculty Board Members: Richard Church, Teofilo Gonzalez
Staff Board Members: Chuck Haines, Donna Trimble
Student Board Members: Andrew Sorriano (RHA President, RHA Rep), Brian Geiger (GSA Rep), Mayra Segovia (AS VP–Internal Affairs, AS Rep)

Ex officio members
Marc Fisher, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services (email:
UCSB Staff: Robert Silsbee, Interim Director, Transportation & Parking Services
Representative, Sustainable University Now (S.U.N.): Richard Flacks (Faculty Emeritus, UCSB Department of Sociology)

Next (or most recent) Board meeting
Date: TBA

Mailing list
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Meeting summaries and attachments
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