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Halloween Parking Restrictions & Permit Information


Campus officials have worked diligently to develop a workable parking plan to help ensure the safety of our campus community of students, faculty, staff, and others who require the use of campus facilities during Halloween weekend 2017.  It is our goal to maintain a safe campus that is open to uses consistent with our mandate as a campus of the University of California while at the same time discouraging unauthorized use of campus parking facilities to gain access to Isla Vista during Halloween.

Effective Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, the campus will be closed to public parking beginning at 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the following day.

In order to park on campus during these times, all vehicles must display a valid “Reserved”, ”A”, “B”, “C”, “H”, “22 IVA”,  Annual “Night & Weekend” Parking Permits, or a special event permit.  Daily, Visitor and 15 Day Permits issued from the Permit Dispensers will expire at Midnight, Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28.  These permits are not valid for overnight parking.  Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight on campus are subject to a $300 citation fine and having the vehicle impounded at the owner’s expense. The parking restrictions will cease between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to allow for normal business on Saturday October 28.



Graduate Student Staff Parking Updates 2017-18


In response to the increased level of demand for parking on certain areas of the campus this past academic year, Transportation & Parking Services looked at various approaches to ease impacts. One of these approaches was to propose modifications to where graduate student staff could park. We received feedback from the campus community with a variety of comments and concerns related to this approach. After careful consideration of this feedback, we have decided not to implement this plan as we originally communicated.

Qualifying graduate student staff will be issued GS permits. These “GS” permits will have the same parking privileges as a “B” permit and will be able to continue to park in staff and faculty lots.

We anticipate that parking will continue to be impacted on the east side of campus this upcoming year. TPS will continue to look at strategies to improve the parking experience for permit holders. We recently completed the installation of a car counting system in Parking Structure 10. This system will alert permit holders to parking availability within the structure before they enter, allowing individuals to continue to another lot with available capacity. If this pilot is successful, we will evaluate other locations for the installation of a similar system.

Additionally, we will continue to promote and emphasize the benefits of our Transportation Alternatives Program in an effort to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming on to the campus.

We appreciate the insights, suggestions, and feedback that our office has received. We will continue to work on initiatives to support the campus community.


2017-18 Housing permits

Students may apply for the 2017-18 Housing permits beginning September 1st

University housing complexes include Santa Catalina residence halls, five single-student apartments (El Dorado/Westwinds, San Clemente, San Joaquin, Santa Ynez, Sierra Madre, and Westgate), and two family student apartments (Storke Family Housing and West Campus). The complexes are managed by Housing & Residential Services.

ATTENTION: Due to the limited amount of spaces in El Dorado/Westwinds and Sierra Madre, there will be a lottery for those parking permits. You may begin to apply for the permit on September 1st. We will draw the lottery on September 7th. If you win the lottery, you have to purchase your parking permit by September 9th or you will forfeit your spot to the next person on the waitlist. If you do NOT win the lottery, we will keep your name on the waitlist until a space opens up. You may purchase a Santa Ynez parking permit (overflow lot) in the meantime until space becomes available in the Housing lot where you live. We will contact you to upgrade your Santa Ynez permit once space is available.

How do I apply for a parking permit?

Click Buy your parking permit HERE to purchase a University off-campus housing permit.

Parking regulations and permit requirements vary by complex. Housing’s Parking & Transportation webpage provides essential information for each type of housing.

When & where may I park on the main campus?

The University apartment housing permits issued by TPS is valid for your designated parking area (at all times), but is NOT valid anywhere on the main campus between 7:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Main Campus parking is allowed:

·         From 5:00PM to 7:30AM, Monday-Friday

·         On weekends

·         In time-restricted parking spaces after-hours and on weekends (only for the duration of time designated)

Thus, parking is allowed in any of the lots and spaces allocated to visitors/students or faculty/staff. Restrictions may apply. For example, the permits do not allow you to park in faculty or staff spaces marked “At All Times”.

The H permits are NEVER valid in lots 1, 2, 11, 19, or 24. The H permits are NOT interchangeable between the UCSB apartments (for example: an H57 permit for Santa Ynez cannot park in San Clemente, Storke Family Housing, El Dorado/Westwinds, Westgate, West Campus, or Sierra Madre).

For more information

See Housing & Residential Services’ Parking & Transportation webpage. The page has information about residence hall parking, and also features information and helpful links for getting around by public transportation.


Campus Construction Impacts

Campus Solar Projects

This year, the first two in a series of five planned solar power installations were completed on campus in order to reduce carbon emissions and bring cost-effective clean energy to UCSB.

Phase II of the project will soon be underway for solar array installations at Parking Structures 50 (San Clemente Villages), 18 (Mesa) and 10 (adjacent to Elings Hall). When the project is complete, these solar systems will generate approximately 12 percent of UCSB's total electrical needs.

The installation of the Phase II solar arrays will cause temporary disturbances at the following parking structures:

San Clemente (PS-50): Construction is expected to take place from December 27th, 2016 through April, 2017 with the steel being lifted onto the upper level between December 19th and 27th. All of the parking spaces on the upper level will be temporarily out of service. Parking for residents of San Clemente Villages will be available in adjacent Lot 38 during this time.

Elings (PS-10): Construction is expected to take place from December 27th, 2016 through April, 2017 with the steel being lifted onto the upper level between December 27th and January 8th. All of the spaces on the upper level will be temporarily out of service.

Mesa (PS-18): Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in March or April of 2017. Once a firm date is received from the contractor, additional information will be distributed.

During the time that the steel is being lifted onto the parking structures there will be traffic disruptions around each location with lane closures and traffic re-routing. Once the lifting is complete there will be some added construction traffic, but no additional lane closures or detours are expected.

Alternative parking for the users of PS-10 and PS-18 can be found in Parking Lots 1, 11, 12, and 16. In order to minimize inconvenience, the work at PS-10 and PS-18 will be staggered to the extent possible such that parking capacity is not reduced at both structures simultaneously. Please help by considering alternative transportation until the work is complete. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to make our campus a more sustainable place to work and study.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please contactGeorge Levinthal, Design & Construction Services Project Manager at or Jordan Sager, Campus Energy Manager at  .

Campus Weekend Overnight Visitor Parking Restrictions

Campus Weekend Overnight Visitor Parking Restrictions

The weekend overnight visitor parking restrictions has been implemented by UCSB Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) every Friday and Saturday night. These restrictions are intended to keep the UCSB campus safe and secure, and to limit use of campus parking by late-night and overnight visitors to Isla Vista.

All visitor permits issued from all campus permit dispensers will expire at 11:59 pm. No visitor permits will be sold from permit dispensers on Friday nights from 10:00 pm through Saturday mornings at 5:00 am, and on Saturday nights from 10:00 pm through Sunday mornings at 5:00 am.

The violation for weekend overnight visitor parking on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 am and 5:00 am (i.e., parking without a permit, or parking with an expired or invalid visitor permit) will carry a fine amount of $100

Overnight parking with any other valid campus parking permit is allowed, including:

“A” Faculty

“B” Staff

“C” Commuter Student

“H” Residential Housing Student

“N&W” Undergraduate or Graduate Night & Weekend

“R” Restricted

“E” Emeriti

“SR” Staff Retired

“IVA” Isla Vista Access and

Active TAP meters

Special Weekend Overnight Visitor Parking Permits will be available for guests of UCSB Housing residents, or guests of UCSB Staff and Faculty, in advance from TPS (for the normal $4/night fee). Each visitor’s vehicle license plate must be provided to TPS.

In an effort to inform the community and to discourage the use of campus parking facilities for Isla Vista late- night or overnight visitors, this notice along with other notices will be broadly distributed, including digital signs at all campus vehicle entrances, regular AM 1610 parking information announcements, d-list, s-list, u-mail, public releases to the local media, including the Daily Nexus, The Current; and Digiknow/Facebook/Twitter notices to Housing & Residential Services residents.

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