Graduate Student Staff Parking Updates 2017-18


In response to the increased level of demand for parking on certain areas of the campus this past academic year, Transportation & Parking Services looked at various approaches to ease impacts. One of these approaches was to propose modifications to where graduate student staff could park. We received feedback from the campus community with a variety of comments and concerns related to this approach. After careful consideration of this feedback, we have decided not to implement this plan as we originally communicated.

Qualifying graduate student staff will be issued GS permits. These “GS” permits will have the same parking privileges as a “B” permit and will be able to continue to park in staff and faculty lots.

We anticipate that parking will continue to be impacted on the east side of campus this upcoming year. TPS will continue to look at strategies to improve the parking experience for permit holders. We recently completed the installation of a car counting system in Parking Structure 10. This system will alert permit holders to parking availability within the structure before they enter, allowing individuals to continue to another lot with available capacity. If this pilot is successful, we will evaluate other locations for the installation of a similar system.

Additionally, we will continue to promote and emphasize the benefits of our Transportation Alternatives Program in an effort to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming on to the campus.

We appreciate the insights, suggestions, and feedback that our office has received. We will continue to work on initiatives to support the campus community.