Vendor Permit

A Vendor permit allows qualified persons to make curbside stops while making delivery or service calls on campus.

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Am I eligible?

Vendor Permit

You are eligible for a Vendor permit if you or your company provides goods, or repair or maintenance services to the UCSB campus. Students, employees of the University, and vendors occupying outdoor stalls at the University Center are not eligible. You may be asked to provide proof of your eligibility.



Where can I park?

Legitimate places for curbside stops are:

  • service/restricted (white-curbed) spaces
  • green-curbed spaces (time zones)
  • 20-minute (yellow-curbed) loading zones

You may also park in any of the lots or structures on campus, with restrictions noted below. 8 Parking is specifically allocated to vendor parking during business hours.

Areas to avoid

A Vendor permit does not allow you to park in spaces that are reserved, red-zoned or otherwise prohibited, or in spaces/lots marked for faculty, Coastal Access, or “H” permit holders. The permit does not allow you to obstruct a walkway. If you park at a meter, it must be paid.

How do I apply?

Visit Parking Services to apply for a Vendor permit.

Is renewal automatic?

Annual permits expire on June 30. Thirty-day permits expire at the end of thirty consecutive days. A 30-day permit purchased on October 1, for example, expires on October 30 and is invalid on October 31.

What are my permit options and how much do they cost?

  • An annual Vendor permit costs $900.00 per year. Unless otherwise posted, the permit allows you to park all day in a valid location on campus.
  • A 30-day Vendor permit costs $75.00. Unless otherwise posted, the permit allows you to park all day in a valid location on campus.
  • A 30-minute monthly Vendor permit costs $10.00 per month. Unless otherwise posted, the permit allows you to park in a valid location for up to thirty minutes.
  • Short-term parking may be purchased by the hour (up to three hours) or the day. See the Short Term Rates table for prices. The short-term Vendor permit is sold exclusively at Parking Services.

Payment by cash, credit card, or check is accepted at the Parking Services office.

Permit returns and refunds

Annual permits that are not being used must be returned to Parking Services to qualify for a refund. See here for more information about our permit return policy.

  • The University reserves the right to limit the use of parking areas to specific vehicle types as required by facility design or other considerations. 
  • The University may change any parking zone designation.
  • The University may close, either temporarily or permanently, any parking area. Advance notice of parking area changes or closings is provided whenever practical.
  • Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are a Residence Hall Tenant with the appropriate permit.
  • Parking permits are issued solely by Parking Services based on eligibility criteria, such as (but not limited to) faculty, staff, commuter, or residential student.
  • Permits remain the property of UCSB and are not transferable.
  • Permits are issued when the applicant has paid the required fee and provided proof of eligibility.
  • Failure to provide and maintain accurate information on the parking permit application may result in citation, fine, the loss of parking privileges and referral to the Campus Police or the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.