Special Area Permit Application


Permit Restrictions

  • Permits are for departmental use only.
  • Permits are valid only in Service Areas and Time Zones, for no more than 3 hours at a time.
  • The SAP must be displayed with a valid UCSB permit.
  • The SAP must be hung from the rear view mirror.
  • The SAP is not valid in spaces marked “R” (Reserved), Restricted, Staff/Faculty, Vendor, GOLD, Coastal Access, or Metered Parking.


Please make sure you lock your vehicle and secure all valuables before leaving your vehicle; UCSB cannot assume liability or responsibility for theft, damage or loss that may occur during the use of parking facilities or services. Individuals choosing to park at UCSB do so at their own risk. Moving from space to space or lot to lot in order to circumvent the three‐hour time limit is prohibited and violators will be cited.


  1. Complete the Department Information and Certification sections.
  2. Click the Submit button to send the application to the TPS Sales Office.

For assistance, send an email to tps-sales@ucsb.edu, or call 805.893.2346 or 805.893.4854.

Department Information
Please enter the recharge number as n-nnnnnn-nnnnn-n

Departments will be recharged at the appropriate monthly rate until 6/30/2017. To cancel monthly charges, return the SAP to the Parking Services Sales Office. Rates are subject to change each year.


I certify that I have read and understand the above statements. I accept the responsibility to comply with all of UCSB's Parking Rules and Regulations, and I understand that non‐compliance may result in a citation, forfeiture of parking privileges, and/or having my vehicle(s) impounded.