Visitor – Short Term Permit

  • Visitor parking is permitted in designated visitor/student parking lots and spaces, provided a valid visitor permit is displayed.
  • Permits may be purchased from the permit dispensers located in lots throughout campus.
  • Machine-dispensed short-term permits are non-refundable and cannot be applied to the purchase of a long-term permit.
  • If parked at a meter, the meter must be paid. A machine-dispensed or decal permit is not valid for parking in a metered space.

Valid parking locations

Certain lots allow visitor parking at all times, while others allow visitor parking only after 5:00PM and on weekends. Several lots are reserved for specific permit types and allow no visitor parking at any time. Please refer to the lot entrance sign to be assured that visitor parking is allowed within the lot.

Visitor permits are valid for parking in time-restricted parking spaces for the time designated. Other restrictions may apply to specific spaces or areas within a lot or parking structure. The permit is not valid for example, in Coastal Access, reserved, restricted, service or metered spaces, or in lots/spaces marked for vendors or “H” resident permit holders. The permit is not valid in university-owned residential housing parking lots and structures.

Click to view the Short Term Rates table.

Coastal Access parking

Coastal Access parking in designated Coastal Access spaces is open to the public on weekdays between 7:30AM and 5:00PM. During these hours, your vehicle must display a Coastal Access permit, which has a four-hour time limit. One to four-hour permits may be purchased from onsite permit dispensers. After hours and on weekends, the Coastal Access spaces are open to all permit-holders, with no time restrictions.

Visitors to UCSB’s scenic shoreline may find four-hour Coastal Parking parking in 6 Parking, 10 Parking, 22 Parking, 23 Parking, 5 Parking, or at the south end of Ocean Road.

Metered parking

Card-reading meters have been installed throughout campus.  These meters accept payment by MasterCard or VISA and rates vary by location. Coin-operated meters are located in Lot 37 adjacent to Central Stores. 

The maximum time on a meter is posted on the meter and varies by location. Permits are not valid for parking at meters, the meter must be paid.

Weekend Overnight Parking Restrictions

The weekend overnight visitor parking restrictions is implemented by UCSB Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) every Friday and Saturday night beginning after September 25, 2015.  These restrictions are intended to keep the UCSB campus safe and secure, and to limit use of campus parking by late-night and overnight visitors to Isla Vista.

All visitor permits issued from campus permit dispensers that would normally be set to expire at 7:30 am Saturday or Sunday, will instead expire at 11:59 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. No visitor permits will be sold from permit dispensers on Friday nights from 10:00 pm through Saturday mornings at 5:00 am, and on Saturday nights from 10:00 pm through Sunday mornings at 5:00 am.

The violation for weekend overnight visitor parking on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 am and 5:00 am (i.e., parking without a permit, or parking with an expired or invalid visitor permit) will carry a fine amount of $100

  • The University reserves the right to limit the use of parking areas to specific vehicle types as required by facility design or other considerations. 
  • The University may change any parking zone designation.
  • The University may close, either temporarily or permanently, any parking area. Advance notice of parking area changes or closings is provided whenever practical.
  • Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are a Residence Hall Tenant with the appropriate permit.
  • Parking permits are issued solely by Parking Services based on eligibility criteria, such as (but not limited to) faculty, staff, commuter, or residential student.
  • Permits remain the property of UCSB and are not transferable.
  • Permits are issued when the applicant has paid the required fee and provided proof of eligibility.
  • Failure to provide and maintain accurate information on the parking permit application may result in citation, fine, the loss of parking privileges and referral to the Campus Police or the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.