Commute by Bicycle

Why Bicycle?

Santa Barbara’s bicycle-friendly climate and network of bicycle routes makes commuting by bicycle a viable alternative almost year-round. Over 10,000 people bicycle-commute between their home and UCSB on a daily basis.

Electric Bicycle Discounts for those Employed by UC Santa Barbara

Invest in an Electric Pedal Assist Bicycle to get fresh air commute at up to 28 miles per hour and ride up hills without breaking a sweat. 

Bicycle Lockers

bicycle locker

To improve bicycle security, the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) offers UCSB students, faculty and staff the opportunity to rent a bicycle locker in one of seven convenient campus locations. To qualify for a locker, you must:

  • Live more than two miles from campus
  • NOT own a UCSB parking permit (Night & Weekend permits excepted)
  • Use a bicycle as your primary mode of commuting between home and UCSB at least three days per week

bicycle locker diagram

The diagram shows the exterior dimensions of a bike locker and the paired wedge-shaped interior.

A bicycle locker rental costs $62 per year, subject to availability. Every year in September, a lottery is held to assign unrenewed lockers to eligible applicants. For information about locker rentals and the bicycle locker lottery, please contact us by email or by telephone at 805.893.5475.

Click to view the Transportation Alternatives Bicycle Locker Map. The map shows you where to find campus bike paths and bike services — lockers, self-service tools and air pumps included!

Showers and Personal Clothes Lockers

Faculty and staff who commute by bike may wish to take advantage of the shower and locker facilities on campus. Towel service is provided with a locker rental. Click here to learn more.

Bicycle Program Detailed Description for the curious

More details and an overview about what UCSB offers bicycle commuters can be seen here

Bicycling in Santa Barbara County

Discover Santa Barbara County by bicycle! The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition has loads of information about regional bike clubs, local bike shops and services, and more. Traffic Solutions provides a webpage for cycling commuters.

Free Bicycle Maps of the Campus and the County Online

  • UCSB bicycle map that shows parking, tool and pump locations can be seen here
  • UCSB bicycle map that includes bicycle locker locations can be seen here.

View and print single-page portions of the Santa Barbara County Bike Map on the Traffic Solutions website or download the "Bike Map SBC" App (description and links below)

Bike Map SBC icon

If you're looking for information you can store on your Android, or on your Apple device, Traffic Solutions has the perfect solution: the Santa Barbara County Bike Map App. Bike Map SBC shows you area bike lanes, bike paths and routes. It enables you to track your bike trips by route, distance, time and average speed.

The Android app is free for download here.
The Apple iOS app is free for download here.

Google Maps Provides a Bicycle Layer

Visit or open Google Maps App on your smartphone.
Get directions then indicate you plan to travel by bicycle icon to see the suggested bicycle routes from origin to destination. 

Join TAP!

Click here to apply for TAP membership. All applicants are subject to verification of residence and University status.