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Associating a Vehicle to a Parking Account

1) Log in to your Parking Account: Your Parking Permit Account 

Your username will be the email you used when you first created your account. If you cannot remember the email you used, email



2) Once logged in, click on “PERMITS” on the top menu bar, and then click on “View Your Permits”



3) Click on the underlined Permit Number that you want to associate a vehicle with



3) Click on the “Add Vehicles to Permit” button on the bottom of the screen



4) Click on the “Add a new vehicle” button



4) Enter all required information



5) Click next and advance to Step 2 of 2.  Note: Vehicle registration is only required for permits with residency restrictions such as “C” and “H” permits.



6) Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.  The vehicle should now be visible on your account.


License Plate Entry Hints: 

1. Do not enter any spaces in the license plate even if there are spaces. 

2. Passenger vehicles do not use the letters I, O and Q in the second or fourth position (for California). 

3. Commercial vehicles do not use the letters I, O and Q (for California). 

4. If you have a personalized plate with less than seven characters, or if you have a special character within your plate (heart, star, etc.), you will skip the special character and enter in the rest of the characters remaining on the plate. 

5. If you have a new vehicle with a temporary, paper license plate, use the last 8 characters of the VIN as the license plate and enter the full VIN in the VIN field. Please note that VINs do not contain the letters O, I and Q so that they are not confused with the numbers 0, 1 and 9.



Students may apply for Residential Housing ePermits beginning September 1st

You may begin to apply for the ePermit on September 1st.

University residential housing complexes include:
Santa Catalina, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, San Nicolas and Anacapa residence halls on the east side of campus.     
San Rafael and Manzanita residence halls on the west side of campus.     
Five single-student apartments El Dorado, San Clemente, San Joaquin, Santa Ynez, Sierra Madre, and Westgate, and two, family student apartments Storke Family Housing and West Campus. The complexes are managed by
Housing Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises

How do I apply for a parking ePermit?

Click HERE to purchase a University residential housing ePermit.

Parking regulations and ePermit requirements vary by complex. Housing’s Parking & Transportation webpage provides essential information for each type of housing.

When & where may I park on the main campus?

The University apartment housing ePermits issued by TPS is valid for your designated parking area (at all times), but is NOT valid anywhere on the main campus between 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Main Campus parking is allowed:

  • From 5pm to 7:30am, Monday-Friday, in lots and spaces allocated to visitors/students or faculty/staff

  • On Saturdays & Sundays

  • In time-restricted parking spaces after-hours and on weekends (only for the duration of time designated)

Housing ePermits do not allow you to park in faculty or staff spaces marked “At All Times”.
Additionally, the H ePermits are NEVER valid in lots 1, 2, 11, 19, or 24. The H ePermits are NOT interchangeable between the UCSB apartments (for example: an H57 ePermit for Santa Ynez cannot park in San Clemente, Storke Family Housing, El Dorado/Westwinds, Westgate, West Campus, or Sierra Madre). 

For more information:

See Housing's’ Parking & Transportation webpage. The page has information about residence hall parking, and also features information and helpful links for getting around by public transportation.



We here at TPS understand we are all experiencing extraordinary times. 

Transportation and Parking Services has continued to maintain operations keeping our Fleet Services operational, assisting with student move-outs and keeping our parking facilities safe and secure for our UCSB community that continues to access the campus. 

Parking permits are required when parking in a University lot.  If you have returned your multi-year or annual parking permit decal, you can purchase a short-term permit at a permit dispenser in any of our Visitor lots or online at the TPS Parking Permit Portal. Starting in July 2021 in all locations your vehicles license plate will be required to purchase a parking permit.

We are asking our customers to update their information on their parking account; detailed instructions can be found here Parking Account Instructions

If you are applying for a long-term Faculty or Staff permit and have been approved for Payroll Deduction please complete the attached form TPS PRD Policy & Enrollment Form.   


ParkMobile: Smart Contactless Parking

How does ParkMobile work?

The free ParkMobile app makes it easy to find and pay for parking through your phone. You can even extend your time through the app and avoid running back to feed the pay machine.

Hourly payment is available through the ParkMobile app and via the mobile web app.

Watch ParkMobile How-To videos

First time using ParkMobile? Here's what you do...

1. Download the ParkMobile App, available on the AppStore, Google Play, or Windows Store.
2. Set up your profile, add as many vehicles as you like.
3. Enter the ParkMobile zone number (zone signs will be posted around lots). You should also see the available zones near you in the app that can be selected.
4. Input parking duration. Done.
Though, if paying hourly, you may also extend your time, anytime, with the ParkMobile app.

No Cell Phone or Older Phone? No Problem.

1. Click here to visit the ParkMobile website.
2. In the upper right corner select the icon to open the menu
3. Select Sign In/Sign Up
4. Enter vehicle(s) and payment types of your choosing
5. Once the account is set up, you may access the website in step 1, and select 'Ready To Park Now' at the top to pay for parking.


Parking permit and vehicle code regulations are enforced by Parking Services and the University Police Department.

If you are no longer physically coming to campus, you may return your permit for a cancellation.  Permit cancellations will be effective on the date in which completed documentation is submitted.  Permit fees will be prorated mid-month for permits cancelled on or before the 15th day of the month.

To request a refund, complete this form, Permit Refund Request Form.  We require that you include a photo of your permit cut in half to show it has been destroyed the form will allow you to add an attachment.  For permits paid for via credit card, cash or check please allow for 4-6 weeks for refunds to be processed.

For permits paid for via payroll deduction, please note, adjustments will be reflected on the next available payroll deduction cycle.  Payroll processing deadlines are typically a few weeks before a check date, so you may see a delay in the change being reflected on your pay stub.

For more information or additional questions, please email

Transportation & Parking Services hopes everyone stays healthy and safe.