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UCSB ePermits Launching July 1, 2021

UCSB ePermits Launching July 1, 2021

Transportation & Parking Services is excited to announce the launch of the UCSB ePermit system where your license plate is your parking permit.

The UCSB ePermit system works by associating your vehicle’s license plate with your individual parking account.  When read, the characters on your plate are automatically matched against the parking database to verify a valid permit for the lot location.

The new system will provide permit-holders more flexibility in their parking options.  UCSB ePermits also make it easier for staff and faculty to drive multiple vehicles without having to remember to move a physical permit (one permit may cover multiple vehicles on your account at any given time).

ACTION ITEM: What this means for you and next steps

Beginning July 1, 2021, you will no longer be required to display a physical parking decal on your vehicle.

Your vehicle must be registered to your parking account in order for your permit to be valid while parking on campus.

Follow these steps outlined in the following link or visit and follow the link for Associating Your Vehicle


UCSB ePermit FAQs

What is the ePermit System?
The ePermit System is an advanced parking technology that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of a decal, hangtag or paper permit.   e-Permits increase parking efficiency on campus, offer convenience for customers and greatly reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste produced.

How Does the ePermit System Work?
Individuals register their vehicle license plate information into the online parking system when purchasing their parking permits.  The ePermit software then generates a virtual permit linked to that vehicle’s license plate number.  Some permits – student and residential housing permits only allow one vehicle to be linked to the permit.  Other permits, such as faculty and staff permits, allow for more than one vehicle to be linked to the permit.  However, as has always been our policy, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any given time; multiple vehicles linked to a permit may not be parked on campus at the same time.

Why Is the  ePermit System Being Implemented?
Implementing the  ePermit system eliminates the need for permits to be displayed in the vehicle, thus reducing waste in addition to making our parking management system more efficient.

How Do I Cancel My Parking Permit?
University employees and students must cancel their parking permits upon withdrawal, any type of leave or separation from the University if they have paid for an annual or quarterly permit or are paying for a permit via payroll deduction.  A pro-rated refund is issued in accordance with the published permit fee and refund schedule upon cancellation. 

What if I Have More Questions About the ePermit?
For more answers, please visit the ePermit System FAQ page.  Or you may email us at or you can call 805-893-2346.

Does Purchasing an ePermit mean that I can park anywhere?
All permits are subject to restrictions that must be observed in order to avoid the issuance of a citation.  Please take a few minutes to read and understand where and when the permit is valid for parking.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 805-893-2346


Associating a Vehicle to a Parking Account

1) Log in to your Parking Account: Your Parking Permit Account 

Your username will be the email you used when you first created your account. If you cannot remember the email you used, email



2) Once logged in, click on “PERMITS” on the top menu bar, and then click on “View Your Permits”



3) Click on the underlined Permit Number that you want to associate a vehicle with



3) Click on the “Add Vehicles to Permit” button on the bottom of the screen



4) Click on the “Add a new vehicle” button



4) Enter all required information



5) Click next and advance to Step 2 of 2.  Note: Vehicle registration is only required for permits with residency restrictions such as “C” and “H” permits.



6) Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.  The vehicle should now be visible on your account.


License Plate Entry Hints: 

1. Do not enter any spaces in the license plate even if there are spaces. 

2. Passenger vehicles do not use the letters I, O and Q in the second or fourth position (for California). 

3. Commercial vehicles do not use the letters I, O and Q (for California). 

4. If you have a personalized plate with less than seven characters, or if you have a special character within your plate (heart, star, etc.), you will skip the special character and enter in the rest of the characters remaining on the plate. 

5. If you have a new vehicle with a temporary, paper license plate, use the last 8 characters of the VIN as the license plate and enter the full VIN in the VIN field. Please note that VINs do not contain the letters O, I and Q so that they are not confused with the numbers 0, 1 and 9.



TPS is in the implementation and testing phases of Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR).  This program over the 2020-2021 year we will be transitioning all of our parking permits to where your vehicle license plate will act as your parking permit.  During this testing phase, decals will still be required, but virtual permits will allow TPS to validate your parking privileges through your vehicle license plate as well. For subscribed "decal" permit holders this means by the end of the 2021 academic year you will no longer need to display a decal, just simply register your vehicle to your virtual or e-permit in our parking system. 

To update your vehicle information on your UCSB parking permit please log into your account here my UCSB Parking Permit

Non subscribed "dispenser permits" will be also transitioned over to Pay-by-Plate, signage will be posted at the entrance to each lot reminding visitors to remember their plate to purchase or dispense a permit. During this testing phase visitors will still be required to display the "dispenser permit" on the vehicle dashboard allowing TPS to validate parking privileges. 

Additionally, as part of the testing phase, in the Spring quarter, TPS will roll out mobile payments with ParkMobile for visitor parking in pilot areas allowing campus visitors to purchase parking directly from a mobile application and eliminate the need to interact with a permit dispenser.

If you have any questions about the new virtual permit program, please contact Suzy Nespor at



We here at TPS understand we are all experiencing extraordinary times. 

Transportation and Parking Services has continued to maintain operations keeping our Fleet Services operational, assisting with student move-outs and keeping our parking facilities safe and secure for our UCSB community that continues to access the campus. 

Parking permits are required when parking in a University lot.  If you have returned your multi-year or annual parking permit decal, you can purchase a short-term permit at a permit dispenser in any of our Visitor lots or online at the TPS Parking Permit Portal. Starting in July 2021 in all locations your vehicles license plate will be required to purchase a parking permit.

We are asking our customers to update their information on their parking account; detailed instructions can be found here Parking Account Instructions

If you are applying for a long-term Faculty or Staff permit and have been approved for Payroll Deduction please complete the attached form TPS PRD Policy & Enrollment Form.   


ParkMobile: Smart Contactless Parking

How does ParkMobile work?

The free ParkMobile app makes it easy to find and pay for parking through your phone. You can even extend your time through the app and avoid running back to feed the pay machine.

Hourly payment is available through the ParkMobile app and via the mobile web app.

Watch ParkMobile How-To videos

First time using ParkMobile? Here's what you do...

1. Download the ParkMobile App, available on the AppStore, Google Play, or Windows Store.
2. Set up your profile, add as many vehicles as you like.
3. Enter the ParkMobile zone number (zone signs will be posted around lots). You should also see the available zones near you in the app that can be selected.
4. Input parking duration. Done.
Though, if paying hourly, you may also extend your time, anytime, with the ParkMobile app.

No Cell Phone or Older Phone? No Problem.

1. Click here to visit the ParkMobile website.
2. In the upper right corner select the icon to open the menu
3. Select Sign In/Sign Up
4. Enter vehicle(s) and payment types of your choosing
5. Once the account is set up, you may access the website in step 1, and select 'Ready To Park Now' at the top to pay for parking.


The Parking Services office continues to operate on a modified work schedule. 

Currently, our in-person service hours are Tuesdays from 8:00am to Noon and Fridays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. 

Face coverings and social distancing of at least 6 feet apart are required for in-person service.   

Please note that many of our services can be accessed and completed on-line at:  Parking permits are avalible online, you may apply on-line here: Buy your Permit.

If you are applying for a Faculty or Staff permit and you have been approved for Payroll Deduction please complete the attached form PRD Policy & Enrollment Form

Note: Parking permits are required when parking in a University lot.  If you have returned your multi-year or annual parking permit decal, you can purchase a short-term permit at a permit dispenser in any of our Visitor lots. Starting in July 2020 in some locations your vehicles license plate will be required to purchase a parking permit.

We are still be available by phone and email M-F - 8am to 4pm, the following is contact information for our various units, note: some units are responding to voice mails only:

Permit sales, please call 805-893-2346, or email at

Citation Administration, please call 805-893-3680, or email at

Transportation Alternative Program, via email only to

Transportation & Parking Services hopes everyone stays healthy and safe.


Parking permit and vehicle code regulations are enforced by Parking Services and the University Police Department.

If you are no longer physically coming to campus, you may return your permit for a cancellation.  Permit cancellations will be effective on the date in which completed documentation is submitted.  Permit fees will be prorated mid-month for permits cancelled on or before the 15th day of the month.

To request a refund, complete this form, Permit Refund Request Form.  We require that you include a photo of your permit cut in half to show it has been destroyed the form will allow you to add an attachment.  For permits paid for via credit card, cash or check please allow for 4-6 weeks for refunds to be processed.

For permits paid for via payroll deduction, please note, adjustments will be reflected on the next available payroll deduction cycle.  Payroll processing deadlines are typically a few weeks before a check date, so you may see a delay in the change being reflected on your pay stub.

For more information or additional questions, please email

Transportation & Parking Services hopes everyone stays healthy and safe.