"C" Commuter & Visitor Lot 16

If you have an existing active Winter Quarter “C” Commuter ePermit and your vehicle’s DMV registration and Proof of Address(lease agreement) on file with our office is current with a date beyond June 2023 you will be prequalified to purchase the Spring Quarter “C” Commuter ePermit.  

If your vehicle’s DMV registration or your Proof of Address has expired you will be required to submit a new application with current documentation. 

The Spring Quarter “C” Commuter ePermit will go on sale beginning March 13, 2023. 
Please note, this ePermit is NOT active to park on campus until April 1, 2023, the first day of the quarter.  

You will not receive a physical permit, because your license plate acts as your ePermit number. You may be subject to citation if you neglect to associate your license plate on your Parking account at http://tps.ucsb.edu/parking-permits/ePermits.