The Summer Parking Permit waitlists are open.

Waitlists are a first come, first serve permit sales process. You must sign up for the parking waitlist via your customer parking account by visiting our website HERE. Permits assigned via the process must be purchased within the 5-day award window.

Important: Please ensure that all of your vehicle information on your account is accurate and current. You will also be required to a provide a copy of your vehicle registration to verify eligibility, email vehicle registration to  If there are any vehicles that are no longer associated with your account, please let us know.  We will begin the testing phase of our virtual permit program this summer.  A paper print out of your permit or a decal permit will still be required, but virtual permits will allow us to validate your parking privileges through your vehicle license plate and will allow us to do away with physical permits in the future.

If you do not provide or provide incomplete information you will be removed from the waitlist and be required to reapply.  Permit sharing is not allowed.  

As a reminder, any outstanding parking citations must be resolved prior to approval.  Unresolved parking citations will result in your being removed from the waitlist and require you to re-apply.  There will be no exceptions.