Payroll Deduction Policy

Eligibility Requirement

Career employees applying for a multi-year permit must pay for their permit by payroll deduction (PRD). To qualify for payroll deduction, employees must be paid through the UCSB payroll system and have an indefinite appointment of 45% time or more.

Payment Schedule

Parking Services processes payroll deduction in accordance with UCSB payroll deadlines. Deductions are taken one month in advance.

Payment Upon Enrollment

If you enroll in payroll deduction before the 15th of the month, you are charged at the end of the month for the current month, and in advance for the next month.

If you enroll on or after the 15th, you are charged at the end of the next month for the current month, the next month, and in advance for the month following. As an example, let's say you enroll in payroll deduction on September 18. The paycheck you receive on November 1 reflects the accumulated charges for September and October, and an advance charge for November.

Disenrolling from PRD

Permits on payroll deduction remain the property of Parking Services until the expiration of the permit. To disenroll from PRD because, for example, you are going on a “without salary” leave for longer than one month or separating from UCSB, you must return the permit to the Parking Services office.

If the permit is not returned, an unpaid balance due will continue to accumulate on your parking account for any months not collected until the permit expires. If on leave, the past due balance will be collected in full from your first paycheck upon return of your leave. If separated, the vehicle displaying the permit will be subject to citation and further collection efforts will be taken on the past due balance.