Student Main Campus Residence e-Permits

Main Campus Residence Hall ePermits

All UCSB parking permits have transitioned to a virtual ePermit parking system. The UCSB ePermit system works by associating your vehicle’s license plate with your individual parking account. The UCSB ePermit allows one vehicle to be associated with your parking ePermit.  Upon application please be prepared to provide a copy of your vehicle's DMV registration.

Students who reside in UCSB main campus residence halls
     (Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, San Nicolas, San Rafael, and Mazanita Village) have four ePermit options:

  • H2 is valid in Lot 2 Parking. Lot 2 is within the quadrangle formed by Santa Rosa Hall, Anacapa Hall, Santa Cruz Hall and De La Guerra Dining Commons. Space is very limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  • H22 is valid the upper levels of Structure 22, with a restriction as noted below.  
  • H23 is valid in marked spaces within 23 Parking allocated to the H23 permit. Space is very limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • H38 is valid in unmarked spaces within Lot 38, H38 is NOT valid in A/B/C Visitor spaces. 

View and compare parking locations on the campus map.

All H ePermits are valid in their assigned lots AT ALL TIMES.  The H parking ePermit allows you to park in other locations throughout campus after 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends. (See Lot entrance signs; some lots/spaces are reserved "At All Times")

H ePermits are not interchangeable; a “H22” permit, for example, does not entitle you to park in a lot or structure designated for “H2” or “H23” permits.

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When & where else may I park?

Until the ePermit's expiration date, the ePermit is valid for parking at its designated lot.

Lot 2 is for valid H2 parking ePermits ONLY, no other parking ePermit is ever valid in Lot 2.

H22 ePermit is valid only on the 4th & 5th floors of the 22 Parking Structure. Please note that the ePermit is not valid during business hours, 7:30am-5pm Monday-Friday, in Coastal Access spaces or any space on levels 1 through 3.

H23 ePermit is valid in designated H23 ONLY spaces within Lot 23, no other parking ePermit is ever valid in the H23 ONLY spaces. Please note that the H23 ePermit is not valid in the unmarked spaces within Lot 23 during business hours 7:30am-5pm Monday-Friday

H38 ePermit is valid in any of the unmarked spaces within Lot 38. The H38 ePermit never valid in the A/B/C Visitor or Contractor spaces.

Parking is allowed at any time in time-restricted parking spaces, for the time designated. Such spaces are typically marked for 20 or 40-minute parking. 

The H parking ePermit allows you to park in other locations throughout campus after 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends. (See Lot entrance signs; some lots/spaces are reserved "At All Times")

The H2, H22, H23 & H38 ePermits are NEVER valid in lots 1, 11, 19, 24 or the UCSB apartments (Santa Ynez, San Clemente, El Dorado, Westgate, West Campus, Storke Family Housing, or Sierra Madre).

All referenced ePermits listed above are invalid at all times in these locations:

  • lots, areas, and spaces marked “At All Times” or where other restrictions apply  
  • UCSB Off Campus student housing apartments & resident halls lots (El Dorado, San Clemente, San Joaquin, Santa Ynez, Sierra Madre, Westgate, Storke Family Housing and West Campus).

How do I apply?

Apply for your ePermit online by clicking Buy your parking permit HERE. Upon creating your account, you will then add your vehicle information and upload copy of your vehicle's DMV registration.

  1. Our office will verify your ePermit eligibility and email you (typically within 48 hours) with an approval or request for additional information.
  2. Once approved, return to your account online to complete your purchase.  You will receive a confirmation email receipt. 
  3. Contact Parking Services at (805) 893-2346 or via email at if you do not receive an email confirmation. 
  4. Your vehicle license plate is your parking ePermit, be sure to reference the Parking Guidlines provide at checkout for additional informaiton regarding your parking ePermit.  

What are my price and payment options?

This table compares the cost and the number of the H ePermits available when purchased for a nine-month academic school year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters).

Type Parking Location Spaces Cost
H2 Lot 2 Parking, within residence hall quadrangle 99 $675
H22 Structure 22 Parking Levels 4 & 5 only 275 $450
H23 Lot 23 Parking in designated H23 spaces, north of San Rafael Hall 29 $675
H38 Lot 38 Parking in unmarked spaces. The H38 ePermit never valid in the A/B/C Visitor spaces within the lot. 430 $450

ATTENTION: Space is limited Lot 2 and Lot 23, these ePermits are fulfilled on a first-come-first-serve basis via waitlist. Remember to complete the purchase of the ePermit in the time frame alloted or you will forfeit your space to the next person on the waitlist.
If you are not awarded your first lot choice, we will keep your name on the waitlist until a space opens up.  You may purchase an H22 parking ePermit until space becomes available in Lot 2 or Lot 23. We will contact you to upgrade your Lot 22 permit to once space is available. Once upgraded you will be charged the price difference.   

An ePermit purchased during the school year is prorated each month and the appropriate fee charged for the remainder of the year.

ePermit returns and refunds

Contact Parking Services to determine if you qualify for a refund. See here for more information about our ePermit return policy.