New ePermit Parking System


All UCSB parking permits have transitioned to a virtual ePermit parking system. The UCSB ePermit system works by associating your vehicle’s license plate with your individual parking account. The UCSB ePermit allows one vehicle to be associated with your parking ePermit.  Upon application please be prepared to provide a copy of your vehicle's DMV registration.


22 IVA and 38 IVA e-Permit 

The 22 IVA and the The 38 IVA allows Isla Vista residents who are UCSB students to park in 22 Parking Structure or Lot 38. Space is very limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.



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Who is Eligible

UCSB non-on-campus resident students are eligible to purchase the 22 IVA ePermit or the 38 IVA ePermit. The program accommodates up to 75 automobiles and motorcycles. We cannot however accommodate trailers, RVs, or other types of oversized vehicles see Enforcement Information here. Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus and long term parking for UCSB non-on-campus resident students.

Where to Park

22 IVA ePermit entitles you to park on the upper levels of 22 Parking Structure (on levels 4 & 5). Please observe signage on individual spaces, as restrictions sometimes apply. For example, the permit does not allow you to park in Coastal Access spaces on weekdays, Monday–Friday 7:30am–5:00pm.

38 IVA ePermit entitles you to park in the unmarked spaces in Lot 38. The 38 IVA is NOT valid in A/B/C Visitor spaces. 

22 IVA & 38 IVA ePermits are valid in their assigned lots AT ALL TIMES.  The 22 IVA & 38 IVA ePermit allows you to park in other locations throughout campus after 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends. (See Lot entrance signs; some lots/spaces are reserved "At All Times")

The 22 IVA & 38 IVA permit are NEVER valid in Lots 1, 2, 11, 19, 24 or the UCSB owned off campus housing units (Santa Ynez, San Clemente, El Dorado, Westgate, West Campus, Storke Family Housing, Santa Catalina, or Sierra Madre).

How to Apply

Apply for your annual permit online by clicking here. Upon creating your account, you will then add yourself to the appropriate ePermit waitlist(s). Be prepared to provide a copy of your vehicle's DMV registration.

  1. Our office will verify your ePermit eligibility and email you (typically within 48 hours) with an approval or request for additional information.
  2. Once approved, return to your account online to complete your purchase.  You will receive a confirmation email receipt.
  3. Contact Parking Services at (805) 893-2346 or via email at if you do not receive a confirmation.
  4. Your vehicle license plate is your parking ePermit, be sure to reference the Parking Guidlines provide at checkout for additional ePermit details.

The ePermit is also sold at our Parking Services office. Please see main page for in-service business hours.

When to Renew

The annual ePermit expires on June 30. Please note that renewal is not automatic. To maintain parking privileges, log into your online account and apply for a new ePermit before June 30.

Price and Payment Options

  • The 22 IVA ePermit costs $900.00 per year (July–June).
  • The 38 IVA ePermit costs $750.00 per year (July-June).

The cost of the annual ePermit is prorated if you purchase after the start of the fiscal year.

TPS accepts payment by cash, debit/credit card, or a check made payable to UC Regents. 

ePermit Returns and Refunds

Contact Parking Services to determine if you qualify for a refund. See here for more information about our ePermit return policy.


  • Parking ePermits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are an "H" or "IVA" ePermit holder with an active lease agreement in the assigned parking lot.
  • Parking ePermits are issued solely by Parking Services and are assigned after verification of eligibility. 
  • ePermits are not transferable between friends or family members.
  • ePermits are issued when the applicant has paid the required fee, resolved all delinquent parking citations and provided proof of eligibility.
  • Failure to provide and maintain accurate information on the parking ePermit application may result in citation, fine, the loss of parking privileges and referral to the Campus Police or the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
  • You will not receive a physical permit, because your license plate acts as your permit number. You may be subject to citation if you neglect to associate your license plate on your eParking account at