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Construction on Campus
Mesa Road construction from Los Carneros Road to Stadium Road has been completed. The road is open to campus traffic in both directions.

Faculty Club renovation/Guest House addition. The site impacts 23 Parking.

San Joaquin Residence Hall construction. Residence hall parking is relocated to 38 Parking.

BioEngineering building construction. Bike and pedestrian paths are relocated around the fenced-in area. Davidson Library, Webb Hall and Noble Hall are nearby. Project to be completed March 2017.

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) Visiting Scholar Residence. Construction has begun at the site adjacent to El Colegio & Los Carneros roads. Project to be completed September 2016.

More information about parking and roadway enhancement projects can be found here.
Hwy. 101 Improvements
Carpool Lane Improvement, from Mobil Pier Undercrossing to Casitas Pass Road. Completion expected later this year. Project info here.

South Coast 101 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara. Construction is forecast to begin in 2018. Project info here.

Los Carneros Road southbound on & off ramps are set for early 2016 opening. While the ramps are closed, the bridge crossing the Union Pacific Railroad is being replaced. More project info here.
MTD Service Changes
Service changes since last August include re-routing Line 15x to travel along only El Colegio Road, rather than along the narrow side streets of Isla Vista. Line 15x provides service between SBCC and UCSB/Isla Vista. Evening service on this route has been enhanced.
View an MDC flyer with map here.

Three new, long-awaited buses have been put into service on Lines 12x, 15x and 24x. These 60-foot articulated buses have a 40% larger passenger capacity.
Transportation Services
Updating above-ground fuel tank to comply with the latest APCD air quality regulations.

Acquiring new vehicles to enhance rental service to the campus community: 5 sedans (2 Ford Expeditions, 1 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2 economy) and 2 12–passenger vans.

Bougainvillea at University Plaza Bougainvillea at University Plaza The Lagoon The Lagoon Bike Path Bike Path
NEW PARKING METERS. You may have noticed new parking meters on campus. These meters are solar and battery powered, and take debit and credit cards. We hope the new meters provide additional convenience and options for the UCSB community. You will find them on Ocean Road near Manzanita Village, and at Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and Student Health. Find them here on the UCSB campus map.

UNDERGRADUATE NIGHT & WEEKEND PERMITS ½ PRICE! Pay just $8.75 for a Spring Quarter permit. Read about our price policy here.

VISITOR OVERNIGHT PARKING RESTRICTION — Enforced weekends, midnight to 5 AM on all University property. Permits are not dispensed from paystations during restricted parking hours.

TPS OFFICE HOURS. Monday– Friday, 7:30AM to 5:00PM. Click Parking Services to find us on the UCSB campus map.

The preset destination takes you to the best parking for the VISITOR CENTER, Student Affairs, the Recreation Center & more … or use the trip planner to set your own destination.

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