EV Promotion & Discounts

Special Discounts for those from the University of California, Santa Barbara
Some manufacturers (Nissan, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, and Smart) are now offering the UCSB community special pricing on Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

Cash Back, Tax Credits and Carpool Lane Access
These vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions so our State and Federal Governments offer cash back, tax credits and access to HOV/Carpool lanes for those who purchase or lease all new BEV or some of the PHEV. See a list of incentives for each specific vehicle listed here.

There also is a Southern California Edison program that offers $450 on New, Used or Leased Plug In Electric Vehicles https://www.scecleanfuel.com  

For those in our campus community considering the purchase of a new electric vehicle we would like to call your attention to a special promotions being offered by Nissan and BMW, available to all staff, faculty students, alumni, emeriti/retirees of UCSB.

Please Note: these listings are offered as a courtesy and all promotions and details are subject to change.

BMW i3 and i8

BMW of Santa Barbara i3 i8 promotional plug-in lease pricing for UCSB staff, faculty students, alumni, emeriti/retirees can be seen here. "Currently" with an Electric vehicle lease the $7,500 from the Federal Tax Credit automatically gets included in the lease rate shown and the $1,500 State of California Clean Vehicle Rebate can be used to reimburse you for a portion of the down payment. You may also view other i3 and i8 specials and use code: NEPP3616 The Regents of the University of California


Is offering $500 toward the purchase or lease of and electric vehicle for UC Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees and perhaps Alumni...Please see this flyer... Plus, there are also special UC Electric vehicle lease rates available through November 2017...Please see this flyer for more information on Ford Plug-In Lease options. 

Nissan Leaf

From now through at least August, 2017, Nissan's special promotion, combined with both federal tax credits and state rebates, could provide up to $20,000 off the list purchase price of a new Nissan LEAF.
All Nissan dealerships in California can participate in this promotion. To obtain this special pricing be sure to bring your UCSB Employee or UCSB Student Identification card or Retiree Proof of UC pension payments and this flier with you to your local Nissan dealership. Extended through at least 12-31-2017
Please note that the “free charging” clause mentioned in the Nissan promotional flier (linked above) does not apply to the UCSB campus...Please check with Nissan to learn more about where their “no-charge-to-charge” promotion is effective.
Another promotion that Nissan is still offering to UCSB employees is called the Business Associate Plan - Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) for electric vehicle purchase or lease. Even though the UCOP flier (linked below) lists a 2015 expiration, we have been told that the VPP it is still being honored http://www.ucop.edu/staff-assembly/_files/nissan-fyer.pdf. This flier describes how to get a VPP claim number that you may bring to your local Nissan dealer for attractive lease pricing on a Leaf.
Smart and Mercedes will soon also offer specially discounted fleet pricing on plug-in electric vehicles to those from UCSB: TBA --> Soon ...Please check back to this page for updates.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Have Fewer Moving Parts
BEVs have fewer moving parts to maintain when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

NO more fill ups at gas stations
NO smog checks
NO Serpentine Belts or Timing Belts
NO Spark Plugs and NO Tune Ups
NO mufflers and NO tail pipe
NO motor oil changes
NO brake replacement likely ever needed

Imagine plugging in your car when not in use, much like a cell phone, and getting nearly 100 miles per gallon equivalent…With a switch to super off-peak time-of-use metering (10 p.m. – 8 a.m.) you can charge your vehicle, when the power company has extra capacity, for approximately $1.50 per gallon equivalent.

Learn @ Lunch
Michael Chiacos from the Community Environmental Council of Santa Barbara (a local non-profit) offered an Electrified Transportation Learn@Lunch (Brown Bag) Noon-1p, Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at the University Center (UCen) Harbor Room.  Here are links to the audio recording and powerpoint and the of this event. Click "Present" button at the top of the Google Slides powerpoint screen to go into full-screen presentation mode


The UCSB Transportation Alternatives Program offers free commuter-consultations for those interested in commuting between their home and UCSB by foot, skateboard, kick scooter, bicycle, bus, carpool, vanpool or train. For more information please visit http://TAP.ucsb.edu or contact james.wagner@tps.ucsb.edu  805.893.5475

UCSB Transportation and Parking Services is providing this listing for information purposes only. This listing does not constitute an endorsement of the listed products or services.