Special Area Permit

Special Area permits (SAPs) are issued to UCSB departments when the department has a special parking need. A valid campus parking permit must be displayed in addition to the Special Area permit in order for a vehicle to be legally parked. Please note that a TAP In-Vehicle Parking Meter (IVPM) is not considered a valid parking permit.

Where to park

The number of parking spaces is determined by departmental request. Permitted areas and time allotments (up to three hours) are determined by Parking Services. If the word “RESTRICTED” is printed on the permit, the permit holder is authorized to park in spaces marked “Restricted”. Without such authorization, the vehicle is liable to be cited.

How to apply

Click here to download a Special Area permit information and application form. There are several ways in which you can return the form to Parking Services: (a) submit the form online* or (b) print the form, fill it out, sign it, and return it to us by mail, fax or hand delivery.
*We’re sorry. Firefox does not support the filling of form fields. Chrome may require you to adjust your Adobe Reader setting.

Our campus mailing address is:
Parking Services
Attn: Permit Sales
Mail Code 7001

Our fax number is 893.3108.

For assistance with the application, contact Parking Services by email or by telephone at 893.2346 or 893.4854.

When to renew

Current SAP Permits expire June 30. Renewal instructions and an updated SAP Application form have been sent by campus mail to current SAP Permit holders. Department members who have not received an updated form may apply for a 2014–2017 permit by following the instructions immediately above.

Price and payment options

Special Area permits are available at $672.00 per year. Each month the prorated amount of $56.00 is recharged to the department. Permits that are no longer in use must be returned to Parking Services in order to discontinue the monthly charge.

  • Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are an "H" or "22IVA" permit holder in the assigned parking lot.
  • Parking permits are issued solely by Parking Services and are assigned after verification of eligibility. 
  • Permits remain the property of UCSB and are assigned to individuals.  They are not transferable between friends or family members.
  • Permits are issued when the applicant has paid the required fee, resolved all delinquent parking citations and provided proof of eligibility.
  • Failure to provide and maintain accurate information on the parking permit application may result in citation, fine, the loss of parking privileges and referral to the Campus Police or the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
  • Decal type permits must be attached to the lower left hand (driver's) side of the windshield with the adhesive provided on the decal and without the use of tape, plastic sleeve or hang tag (unless originally issued in that format).