Enforced At All Times

Parking rules and regulations on campus are enforced at all times (24 hours a day, 365 days per year). Vehicles parked in violation of the posted regulations are subject to a citation.

University Holidays

Vehicle parking permits are not required on specific University or Administrative holidays. The individual dates are specified each year on UCSB’s Academic Calendar
Please note: The days between quarters are NOT considered holidays, the camps is open and parking ePermits are required. 

While parking permits are not required on specific University or Administrative holidays, all other parking rules and regulations are enforced. Should you have questions about our specific University or Administrative holidays parking policy, please contact Parking Services.

Park Only Within Marked Spaces

At UCSB, parking is only allowed within demarcated, delineated stalls or spaces.  Vehicles may not park anywhere else but in designated parking spaces.

Permits Required At All Times

All vehicles parked on campus or in any UCSB owned property must be associated with a valid campus parking ePermit. Parking permits are required in all spaces including loading zones. The exception to this rule is that no permit is needed if a vehicle is parked in a metered space but the meter must be paid. If you are a visitor to campus, please click here for information regarding visitor parking. If you will be parking on campus using an ADA (Disabled) placard, a permit to park is required as well. Please see our Disabled Parking policy.

Garaging Vehicles on Campus

Parking permits are granted for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. Garaging (storing) your vehicle on campus is prohibited unless you are a Residence Hall Tenant with the appropriate permit.

Oversize Vehicle Parking 

The University of California, Santa Barbara Campus restricts parking large vehicles on campus property. Generally, no person may park or leave standing any large vehicle upon any lot, structure, street or other areas within campus.
Campus property: 
All land owned, leased or otherwise exclusively controlled by the University of California, Santa Barbara such as buildings, grounds, parking lots, and all developed and undeveloped lands.
Large/Oversize Vehicle Definition:
A large vehicle is described as any vehicle which exceeds 22 feet in length, or exceeds 90 inches in width. Note: Vehicles that are connected such as a motor vehicle and trailer that exceeds the 22 feet in length are included in this description.
A trailer shall mean any trailer, semitrailer, camp trailer (including tent trailers), unmounted campers, trailer coach, or fifth-wheel trailer.
Oversize vehicles parked in violation shall be subject to citation, pursuant to Section 40202 of the California Vehicle Code. If a large vehicle is left illegally parked or standing on UCSB property for 72 consecutive hours in violation of this article, the large vehicle is subject to removal pursuant to Section 22651, subsection (k) of the California Vehicle Code.


Both UCSB Parking Regulations and the California Vehicle Code are applicable on the UCSB campus. UCSB is authorized through the California Vehicle Code Section 21113 (a) to establish independent parking regulations.

All parking regulations are enforced through citations issued by UCSB Parking Enforcement.

The Regents of the University of California are not and shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss of or damage to vehicles or contents thereof parked or garaged in a lot or structure by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever not arising directly from the negligent acts of the Regents of University or its employees acting within the scope of their employment. The University reserves the right to restrict the use of any parking stall, area, structure or surface lot at any time and to temporarily or permanently relocate permit holders as necessary.