UCSB ePermits

Transportation & Parking Services ePermit system - where your license plate is your parking permit.

The UCSB ePermit system works by associating your vehicle’s license plate with your individual parking account.  When read, the characters on your plate are automatically matched against the parking database to verify a valid permit for the lot location.  The vehicle's license plate must be fully visible from the drive aisle of the parking lot or structure in order for the permit to be valid.

The new system will provide permit-holders more flexibility in their parking options.  UCSB ePermits also make it easier for staff and faculty to drive multiple vehicles without having to remember to move a physical permit (one permit may cover multiple vehicles on your account at any given time).

What this means for you and next steps

  • You no longer are required to display a physical parking decal on your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle must be registered to your parking account in order for your permit to be valid while parking on campus.
    • Follow these steps outlined in the following link or visit tps.ucsb.edu and follow the link for Associating Your Vehicle
    • Note: If your vehicles are already registered, there is nothing further that you need to do. If vehicles that you no longer own are on your account, please remove them from your account.
  • Your vehicle's license plate must be affixed to the exterior of the vehicle, unobstructed, and fully visible from the drive aisle in order for your permit to be valid.
  • Only one vehicle per ePermit is allowed to park on campus at a time.  

Pay Station Purchased Parking

Short-term "pay station permits" have also been transitioned over to ePermits.  Your vehicle’s license plate will serve as your parking permit. Customers purchasing parking through a Pay Station are no longer required to display the "dispenser permit" on the vehicle dashboard.  TPS will validate parking privileges by using the vehicle's license plate.

Please remember, the purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the license plate and vehicle information. Parking privileges cannot be validated for vehicles with inaccurate information entered into the parking system and are subject to a parking citation.  Additionally, Parking is only valid in the location where the “pay station” parking session is purchased.

Note: At the end of the transaction the Pay Station will prompt an option to print a receipt.  Permits will no longer automatically dispensed.   

Park Mobile App Parking

We have introduced a new option to pay for parking that allows visitors to purchase parking directly through a mobile application. Park Mobile is available in most visitor lots throughout campus, allowing visitors to skip the permit dispenser and conveniently pay for parking through their phone.

UCSB ePermit FAQs

What is the ePermit System?
The ePermit System is an advanced parking technology that provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate instead of a decal, hangtag or paper permit.   e-Permits increase parking efficiency on campus, offer convenience for customers and greatly reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste produced.

How does the ePermit System Work?
Individuals register their vehicle license plate information into the online parking system when purchasing their parking permits.  The ePermit software then generates a virtual permit linked to that vehicle’s license plate number.  Some permits – student and residential housing permits only allow one vehicle to be linked to the permit.  Other permits, such as faculty and staff permits, allow for more than one vehicle to be linked to the permit.  However, as has always been our policy, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any given time; multiple vehicles linked to a permit may not be parked on campus at the same time.

Why is the ePermit System Being Implemented?
Implementing the ePermit system eliminates the need for permits to be displayed in the vehicle, thus reducing waste in addition to making our parking management system more efficient.

How Do I Cancel My Parking Permit?
University employees and students must cancel their parking permits upon withdrawal, any type of leave or separation from the University if they have paid for an annual or quarterly permit or are paying for a permit via payroll deduction.  A pro-rated refund is issued in accordance with the published permit fee and refund schedule upon cancellation. 


What if I Have More Questions About the ePermit?
For more answers, please visit the ePermit System FAQ page.  Or you may email us at tps-sales@ucsb.edu or you can call (805) 893-2346.

Does purchasing an ePermit mean that I can park anywhere?
All permits are subject to restrictions that must be observed in order to avoid the issuance of a citation.  Please take a few minutes to read and understand where and when the permit is valid for parking.  If you have any questions, please contact us at tps-sales@ucsb.edu or call us at (805) 893-2346