Frequently Asked Questions About UCSB Parking Permits (FAQs)

How do I get an annual permit?

Order an annual permit online by clicking Buy your parking permit HERE. All major credit cards are accepted. For more information about purchasing an annual permit, select your permit type from the menu bar above.

What if I only want a quarterly permit?

Some types of annual permits may be purchased in quarterly increments. For more information, select your permit type from the menu bar above.

Do I qualify for a multi-year permit?

Multi-year permits are sold exclusively by payroll deduction to qualified UCSB career employees. If you qualify, you are automatically enrolled in Payroll Deduction. Click here to learn more about our Payroll Deduction policy.

I have unused time on my permit. Am I entitled to a refund?

Annual permits that are no longer needed can be turned in for a prorated refund. To determine the amount of refund you can expect to receive, view the Rates & Refund table corresponding to your permit type. Quarterly permits and short-term permits do not qualify for a refund. Please click Permit Return Policy for more information.

I ordered my permit online. How do I park until I receive the permit in the mail?

As soon as your order is approved, you will receive instructions via email for printing a temporary permit. Print the permit and display it as instructed.

My temporary permit is about to expire and I have not received my permit in the mail. What am I supposed to do?

Most permits arrive within ten days. If the permit has not arrived, please visit Parking Services. The status of your order will be checked and another temporary permit may be issued. Do not attempt to use a temporary permit for parking after it has expired. Parking with an expired permit may result in a parking citation.

I have a long-term permit. How do I display it?

Decal type permits must be attached to the lower left hand (driver’s) side of the windshield with the adhesive provided on the decal and without the use of tape, plastic sleeve or hang tag (unless issued in that format).  The entire permit must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. If the face of the permit becomes soiled, wash it with soap and water to restore the adhesive. Let the permit dry naturally for five minutes before reapplying. If the adhesive does not return, then return the permit to Parking Services to exchange for a new one (permit replacement charge may apply).  

I have a Disabled placard. Do I still need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. Vehicles displaying a Disabled placard are not exempt from the permit requirement. Please see our Disabled Parking page for more information.

I drive an electric vehicle. Can I get the battery charged on campus? How do I pay for the service?

EV charging stations are located on the ground level in each of our parking structures: 10 Parking, 18 (Mesa) Parking, and 22 Parking. Park your vehicle at an open station, and follow the posted instructions. Payment is required for both EV battery charging and parking. Please see here for complete information. Long-term permit holders may choose to buy an EV power permit that affords unlimited EV battery charging time.

I will be visiting UCSB. What parking permits are required and how do I find parking?

A valid UCSB parking permit is required at all times. Click here to view your options for purchasing a short-term or long-term visitor parking permit.
View the campus Interactive Map to get help locating campus buildings and nearby parking sites.

I’m a new employee at UCSB. Do you have any programs to help me with the daily commute?

Click here for an introduction to two widely-used employee programs: Payroll Deduction (PRD) and Transportation Alternatives (TAP).

Why does a disabled person have to pay for parking on campus?

All parking facilities, maintenance and administrative costs for parking are the responsibility of the Transportation & Parking Services units on UC campuses. As a result, Parking Services requires that all individuals utilizing the campus parking facilities pay for their access. Campus policy identifies that all users of the campus' parking facilities share in the costs of campus parking.

Parking Services' authority to establish all rules and regulations for parking on campus property is established through section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code.

Isn't it illegal to charge disabled individuals for parking?

No. Disabled individuals may be charged like any other person to enter a parking facility that requires a fee (i.e., a parking facility for an amusement park, sporting event, or special event). Similarly, the parking facilities at UCSB require a parking fee at all hours. Disabled individuals are provided with more convenient and more accommodating parking options, in accordance with CVC section 22511.5, but may still be responsible for paying for their campus access.

What does California Vehicle Code section 22511.5 mean if it does not mean that I can park for free in the specified zones?

CVC Section 22511.5 means that local authorities cannot restrict a disabled person from using disabled spaces, time zones, etc. Additionally, disabled persons may park at meters while paying the meter fee. Consistent with this section, the campus does not restrict disabled people from parking in these specified spaces. The campus does require that disabled persons pay the appropriate permit rate.