Guest Services

Benefits of the Guest Permit System

Our Guest Permit System (GPS) allows you to choose a level of guest service and price to suit your requirements. It also enables you to create permit and reserved space requests online. Orders placed through the Guest Permit System are reimbursed via departmental recharge. All non-departmental recharge requests must be prepaid via cash, credit card or check.

Guest permit options

The Guest Permit System (GPS) offers three parking options for your department’s visitors and distinguished guests:

  • Guest parking
  • VIP parking
  • Reserved space parking/ (Temporarily limited due to COVID-19 - See reserved space parking tab for details)

If your department is planning an event to which you expect a large number of visitors, Transportation & Parking Guest Services provides critical traffic control and parking services as described under Event Planning.

Guest & VIP parking permits

Due to current staffing issues and COVID-19 protocols, there may be delays in processing permit requests.

Email confirmations along with the permit receipt will be sent to the requestor for distribution to the visitor.
Please note: Parking Services is transitioning to Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR), this will allow TPS to validate parking privileges through a vehicles license plate instead of displaying a physical parking permit. To order Guest or VIP parking permits please obtain the vehicle information (make, model, color and vehicle license plate) for your invited guest to properly identify their vehicle in our permitting system.

The cost of a Guest parking permit is $8.00 for weekdays, and $4.00 for nights (after 5PM) and weekends. The Night & Weekend permit allows your guests to park in Faculty & Staff Parking as well as Visitor & Student Parking. The cost of a daily VIP parking permit is $10.00.

Guest & VIP permits are not to be used by UCSB students, faculty or staff. They must be displayed in accordance with the instructions on the permit.

Click here to order Guest or VIP Parking Permits

Reserved space parking

Temporarily limited due to COVID-19

Reserved space parking provides your special guests with an assured parking space in a pre-assigned lot. Your guests are not required to pick up a parking permit at the Information Kiosk, nor are they required to display a permit on their vehicle.

The cost of a Reserved space is $30.00 per day. The cost includes permission to park, a sign with the name of your guest posted on an A-frame sign support, and A-frame setup and takedown.

Please plan on placing a Reserved space order at least FIVE business days before the arrival of your guest. If you need to cancel an order, please do so NO LATER than the day before the intended date — otherwise your department will incur a charge for the labor involved in setting up the space.

Due to staffing shortages and COVID-19 protocols, all reserved space requests must be submitted directly to Chris Zbinden, Guest Services Manager at or Paul Barragan, Event Supervisor at to determine it the request can be accommodated.

Please be sure to include the name of the guest for the sign, your contact info, and your department’s recharge number to process the request. If the request can be accommodated you will receive an email response along with a work order for your financial back-up. This confirms your request was received and a reserved space will be in place at the location and time specified.

For assistance in using the Guest Permit System, call 805.893.3562. To learn more about prepaid visitor parking, call 805.893.2346.