Regulatory Authority

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code sections 22651(i) and 22651.7, our enforcement officers are authorized to impound (tow) or immobilize (boot) a vehicle if there are five or more outstanding parking citations.

Storage / Garaging of Vehicles

Parking privileges are granted only for the purpose of transportation to and from campus. The storage/garaging of vehicles is prohibited except for University housing tenants with the appropriate permit to park at selected residence hall and residence apartment parking areas. Staff and Faculty who want to leave vehicles overnight or for multiple days on campus need to request permission from TPS via our sales office, (805) 893-2346, in advance to avoid citation and or impound of their vehicle.

Immobilized (booted) Vehicles

Once a vehicle has been immobilized, all outstanding parking citations, plus a $60.00 immobilization administrative fee, must be paid in order for the vehicle to be released. Payment in full may be made at the Parking Services office by either cash or credit card, or all outstanding citations may be paid online and the $60.00 immobilization administrative fee may then be paid at our office separately. If payment or satisfactory arrangements for payment is not made by noon the next business day, the vehicle is subject to impound.

Impounded (towed) Vehicles

Once a vehicle has been impounded, towing and storage charges will need to be paid in addition to the outstanding parking citations. Please contact Parking Services if you have any questions regarding an immobilized or impounded vehicle at (805) 893-3680.