Parking Violation Rates

UCSB Violation Fine Amount
EV Charging Violation $48
Expired Meter $48
Expired Permit $48
Failure to Obey Posted Signs $48
Improper Display of Permit $48
Misuse of Permit $48
No Motorcycle/Moped Parking $48
No Permit or No Valid Permit Displayed $48
Parked Out of a Marked Stall (Not Within Designated Lines) $48
Parked in Another's Assigned Space $48
Parked on Walkway / Sidewalk $48
Parked Overtime  $48
Permit Not Valid  $48
Permit Not Valid Here $48
Repair of Vehicle $48
Over-Sized Vehicle Prohibited $48
Unauthorized Use of Electricity $48
Red Curb $51
Vehicle Immobilization Fee $60
Altered TPS or Housing Permit $100
No Friday/Saturday Overnight Visitor Parking $100
Not Parked in a Marked Space (Area Not Designated for Parking) $48
Campus Parking Restrictions (Halloween & Deltopia) $300
Counterfeit Permit $499
Permit Reported Lost $499
Permit Reported Stolen $499
Use of a Fraudulently Obtained Permit $499
Unauthorized use of an Permit $499
Late Fee $48
Vehicle Code, County Ordinance, or ADA Violation Fine Amount
Disobey Sign/Signal $48
Improper Display of License Plate(s) $48
No Parking Zone $48
Parked in Bus Zone $48
Parked on Unimproved Property $48
Parked Wrong Way on One Way Street $48
Stopping in an Intersection $48
Wheels Over 18 Inches from the Curb $48
No Parking at Fire Hydrant $51
Parked in a Fire Lane  $51
Current Registration Tabs Required  $71
Expired Registration  $161
Blocking Disabled Parking  $311
Disabled Crosshatch Area  $311
Disabled Parking Only $311
Late Fee $48

Fines listed above include fees imposed on parking violations from local, county & state governmental agencies based on State Codes.

  • G.C. 76000(b), G.C.76100, G.C.76101 – Cities and Local Entities, Criminal Justice and Courthouse Construction Funds: $5.00 per citation.
  • G.C. 70372(b) – State Court Facilities Construction Fund: $4.50 per citation.
  • SB857 – Trial Court Trust Fund: $3.00 per citation.