Showers & Clothes Lockers


Shower facilities for UCSB bicycle commuters are located in Robertson Gym and Physical Sciences North. Your department may also provide shower facilities for department members. Inquire with your building or department manager to learn about the use of such facilities.

Robertson Gym

The showers at Robertson Gym are to the left and right of the glass doors at the main entrance to the gym. The men’s showers are on the left, near the Exercise and Health Room. The women’s showers are on the right, near the Equipment Rental area.

Physical Sciences North

Single-stall showers are available in the men’s and women’s restrooms on the second floor of Physical Sciences North. Please call TAP at 805.893.5475 or e-mail for information about using the showers.

Locker Rentals

Consider renting a full-sized or half-sized clothes locker, towel service included, at Robertson Gym or the Rec Center. The Recreation Department charges these rates, effective Spring 2011:

Robertson Gym
Full and 1/2 Lockers
Recreation Center
1/2 Lockers
  Students Non-Students   Students Non-Students*
Quarter $16 $25 90 Day $25 $30
Annual $55 $75 Annual $80 $100

*Recreation Center membership fees apply as well.

Prices subject to change. Call Recreation at 805.893.7620 for hours of operation and further information.