You Are Eligible to Join TAP If You:

  • Primarily use an alternative commuter mode (such as walk, skateboard, kick-scooter, bicycle, bus, carpool, vanpool or train)  to commute between your residence and your primary work location at the UCSB Main Campus, West Campus, North Campus or Storke Campus, AND
  • Qualify as described below for a UCSB Faculty, Staff or Student parking permit, but agree NOT to hold a daytime main-campus parking permit (Carpool discount parking permits and Housing parking permits and Night and Weekend parking permits are all OK for TAP members)

Faculty/Academic Staff

Includes faculty, post-docs, visiting academic researchers, specialists, and management service professionals (MSPs). Verification is done using the UC Path payroll system for the current quarter or listing as a Visiting Academic Researcher with Identity Services.

Staff and Graduate Students Who Qualify for Staff-Equivalent Parking Privileges


  • Career employees
  • Limited appointment employees, not enrolled at UCSB
  • UCSB graduate students, either at least 45% employed in the UCSB payroll system for the current quarter, or on the Graduate Division Fellowship list of students earning at least $4,000 per quarter exclusive of university fees


Includes UCSB graduate students not employed at UCSB or employed at UCSB less than 45% of time, and UCSB undergraduate students.

You qualify for TAP if you:

  • Live two or more miles from the UCSB Main Campus (view a list of streets that do not qualify for TAP benefits)
  • Are registered for at least 12-units for the current quarter
Skateboarding on campus