Transportation & Parking Guest Services provides critical support to University departments and non-affiliated organizations expecting visitors to a scheduled campus event.

We will work closely with your organization to ensure that your event is in compliance with University regulations and local ordinances. The services we provide range from parking permit sales to traffic control and signage. Our permit dispensers can handle up to 300 vehicles at any given time. Permit dispensers can be programmed (for a fee) with the name of your event, thereby making it easy for visitors to purchase their permits.

Our services are fee-based. We request at least TWO WEEKS notice before a scheduled event.

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Signage & Barriers

From digital signs at key locations to pedestrian way-finders and road barriers, Guest Services will provide the signage and traffic direction you need.

Digital signs flash an event message and parking directions. Our recommended locations for digital signs:

  • East Gate/Route 217
  • West Gate (Mesa Road at Los Carneros)
  • El Colegio at Stadium Road
  • Mesa Road at University Plaza

Road signs direct traffic to the parking lot designated for your event. Road signs are 24"x24" black-on-white poster board affixed to an A-frame support.

Lot signs identify reserved lots, and reserved or other designated spaces within lots. The signs are normally 11"x17" laminated paper.

Pedestrian signs direct your visitors from the designated parking lot to your event venue. Signs are 11"x17".

Barriers, delineators and cones are set up if needed. Barriers block off roads and/or parking lots to inbound/outbound traffic, while delineators and cones guide road or pedestrian traffic along a desired route.


Guest Services reserves the right to stipulate the amount and kind of staffing needed to meet the demands of your event, ensure everyone’s safety, and comply with University policies.

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Permit Sales

Our student staff provides directions, sells event permits, and assists visitors with the permit dispensers inside the lot designated for your event.

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Traffic Control

If you are planning a large event that requires traffic control, our enforcement officers will be on hand to assist with traffic direction. An event is considered “large” if 350 vehicles or more are expected.

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Reserved Parking Lots and Spaces

Specific lots or spaces within lots may be reserved for your event. See the Campus Map for the names and locations of lots on campus. Please note that not all lots are available, and lot and space availability is subject to the requirements of concurrent activities on campus.

Our Guest Services coordinator will assess your needs and quote a price in advance of your scheduled event.

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