During Business Hours

Please call Transportation Services:

  • Office (805) 893-2924
  • Garage (805) 893-3692 or (805) 893-8119

After-Hours and Weekends

Please call the National Auto Club at 1(800) 600-6065. Refer to the NAC Fleet Rescue card in your vehicle’s key pouch. You are authorized to use the provided Voyager credit card for towing and/or repair.

If You Are Unable to Get Assistance …

Call the University Police Department at (805) 893-3446 and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your safety and have the vehicle repaired. You are authorized to contact the nearest towing and/or repair facility for service.  Use the provided Voyager credit card to pay for the necessary services. If unavailable, you will need to use your own credit card. Please retain your original expense receipts, Transportation Services will promptly reimburse you upon submission of the receipts.