Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

EV Charging Station Locations

There are Level 2  (240V) EV charging locations in Lot 1 x19 trickle-charge spaces) and inside each of our three parking structures: 

  • 10 Parking (8 x ChargePoint spaces and 27 x trickle-charge spaces), 
  • 18 (Mesa) Parking (x 8 ChargePoint spaces and 9 x trickle-charge spaces),
  •  22 Parking (x 4 ChargePoint spaces and 11 x trickle-charge spaces) and
  • Lot 60 Parking Lot (x3 ChargePoint spaces). Look for the EV charging signs near the structure entrance. 
  • 10 Parking has four spaces dedicated to Level 2 trickle-charging on the first floor and 23 x trickle-charge Level 2 spaces that are available to EVs on the 3rd and 4th floors on the northeast corners of 10 Parking.


Please note that Lot 1 is restricted to UCSB Faculty and Staff at all times and 10 Parking is restricted to UCSB faculty and staff parking on weekdays from 7:30AM to 5:00PM. During these hours, in Lot 10 students and visitors may only use the charging stations in other parking locations such as lots 18, 22, and 60.

ADA EV spaces

  • Lot 1 - 2 x Level 2 trickle charge EV-available  space, 18 (Mesa) Parking currently provides 1 ChargePoint space with ADA spacing and two trickle charge ADA-spaces with ADA spacing.
  • The 3rd floor of the 10 parking structure northeast corner space nearest the elevator, parking structure 18 offers 2 x trickle charge ADA spaces that are EV-only and parking structure 22 offers 2 x trickle charge ADA spaces that are EV-only.


EV Charging Station Logo

Number and Type of Ports in Each Parking Lot
Lot Level 2 ChargePoint up to 6.6kW/h Pay 20 cents per kWh through ChargePoint, plus a valid parking permit


Level 2 Trickle Charge up to 1.9kW/h Pay for power through a parking permit dispenser or a long-term EV Power permit, plus a valid parking permit




19 x EV-Available


10 8 x EV-Only


4 x EV-Only on Entry level & EV-Available x 11 on 3rd floor northeast corner and x 12 on 4th floor northeast corner




8 x EV-Only


9 x EV-Only
22 4 x EV-Only


11 x EV-Only on level just underneath the Ocean Rd. entrance to 22 Parking




2 x EV-Only - bottom level southeast corner




3 x EV-Only





Vehicles parked in a ChargePoint-space must be ACTIVELY charging.
All other vehicles are subject to citation and immobilization.


White EV Car Charging

Level 2 (240V) ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment on Main Campus

How to activate a ChargePoint Level 2 (240V) charging station:

  • Option 1 – Hold your ChargePoint fob to the faceplate.
  • Option 2 - Access your ChargePoint account via ChargePoint’s smartphone App.
  • Option 3 - Use Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • Option 4 - Call ChargePoint at 1(888) 758-4389, ext.1. Tell the operator your location (UC Santa Barbara, Parking Structure 10, 18 or 22 or 60) and the station number code shown on the display.

For assistance or more information, visit the ChargePoint website. If you’re ready to sign up for a ChargePoint account, click “Let’s Get Started”.


Effective 7-1-2019  ChargePoint stations will charge 20 cents per kWh dispensed and UCSB parking ePermit that is valid for the parking location must also associated with the vehicle.



Begin Charge Session as noted above and power is paid at the rate of 20 cents per kWh through ChargePoint. All power provided through a ChargePoint station on campus will require the payment for a valid UCSB parking ePermit and payment for power through ChargePoint. 


Please move your plug in electric vehicle from the ChargePoint location when it is fully charged, to avoid citation.


NOTE: The two Trickle Charge options described below allow the connected vehicle to be parked as long as both a valid parking ePermit and valid EV Power Permit are both associated with the vehicle.  This could allow parking all day without the need to move the vehicle when the charge is completed.


For Level 2 Trickle-Charge (Non-ChargePoint)

Only available in a spaces on the north part of the center isle of lot 1 and the 3rd and 4th floor of parking structure 10 in the northeast corners and 18 opposite the Chargepoint spaces on the lowest level in the northwest corner. The spaces in Lot 1 and 10 are EV- available rather than EV-Only so they are first come first served for any 4-wheeled vehicle. Click here for an image of the the Level 2 Trickle chargers

You will need to pay for an EV POWER Permit at the parking permit dispenser in Lot 9 or the parking permit dispenser on the first floor of 10 Parking structure or at the nearest elevator in 18 Parking or 22 Parking... A POWER + PARKING permit is available after 5p or on weekends for use in 10 Parking only if you do not have a valid parking permit for 10 Parking location) or an all-you-can-charge EV Power permit available through the Parking Services Sales Office.  


Where & How to Pay for Level 2 Trickle Charge

If you have a valid prepaid long-term UCSB-EV power permit and valid parking ePermit associated with your vehicle, you may leave the vehicle to charge at the Level 2 trickle charge spaces.

All others must pay for power or power+parking at a parking permit dispenser in lot 9 or the first floor of parking structure 10.

  • Patrons with a valid UCSB parking permit pay for power only.
  • Patrons without a valid UCSB parking permit pay for power + parking.
  • The rate for Level 2 trickle-charge power is $1 for each 4 hours, with a 12-hour maximum.
  • Hourly rates for power and power+parking are shown by the permit dispenser interface.

Return to your vehicle before the amount of active charging time has expired.

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