Welcome to UCSB!

Here are two programs you should know about. The programs are offered to faculty employed on campus.

Payroll Deduction (PRD)

Faculty on campus are eligible to purchase annual monthly renewable parking ePermits, and thereby realize a substantial savings over daily and monthly ePermits. Monthly Renewable ePermits are sold exclusively via pre-tax payroll deduction. If you qualify for Payroll Deduction, a monthly permit fee is deducted directly from your paycheck. Click here to learn more about our Payroll Deduction policy. To apply click here to create an account.

Please feel free to contact Parking Services if you have any questions regarding parking ePermits or parking on campus.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

TAP membership offers benefits to those who primarily commute between their residence and UC Santa Barbara's main campus by foot, skateboard, human-powered kick scooter, bicycle, bus, carpool, vanpool or train. By reducing traffic congestion, traffic emissions and the demand for parking on campus, we conserve energy and contribute to a better UCSB. Motorcycle and remote work may reduce greenhouse gas emissions traffic and parking demand these modes are explicitly not included in the Transportation Alternatives Program's complimentary parking benefit.

Visit TAP’s website for complete information about its programs.