Departmental Guest

This service is provided to departments that prefer to distribute guest permits directly to their invited guests and other visitors. The permits are sold to departments at $8.00 a day each for visitor lots or $10.00 a day for VIP (Faculty/Staff lots). 

Departments can order ePermits for their invited guests.  To submit a request for a guest ePermit use the Department Request Login in on our Parking Portal.  Please contact the Permit Sales Team at 805-893-2346 if you do not know your Department Customer Account Number.  

This information is for the invited guests of University departments. If you are a departmental staff member and wish to order parking for your guests, please read our Guest Permit Sales page.

Where to Park

As the invited guest of a campus department, the price of your parking permit is paid by your departmental hosts. Depending on the arrangements made, you will be presented with one of these four parking options:

  • Guest parking allows you to park in a Visitor & Student Parking lot or structure on campus. 
  • VIP parking allows you to park on weekdays in one of the Faculty & Staff Parking lots or structures across campus. 
  • Reserved parking provides you with assured parking in a pre-assigned lot and space. You are not required to pick up a parking permit at the Information Kiosk, nor are you required to display a permit on your vehicle. Your designated parking space will display your name posted on an A-frame.
  • Prepaid parking implies you were given a permit in advance of your visit. A prepaid permit allows you to park in a Visitor & Student Parking lot or structure on campus.

For More Information

You can verify the arrangements made for you by calling us at (805) 893-2346, (805) 893-3562 or (805) 893-5389. Call or visit us at Parking Services for parking instructions and permit requirements. 

Our goal is to see that you get the information you need to find appropriate parking and avoid even the possibility of a parking citation.