Permit Return Policy

How do I cancel a permit?

A permit must be returned to Parking Services to be cancelled. Any refund or credit is based on the date the permit is actually, physically returned to our office, since the permit is considered to be in use while it remains in your possession.

Is there a charge for cancelling a permit?

You can return a permit within 24 hours of issuance at no charge. After 24 hours, a $10.00 processing fee is deducted from the refund amount.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are issued in the payment form in which the original transaction took place. Exceptions may apply.

Does my permit qualify for a refund?

Refunds for annual and “H” student permits are prorated in proportion to the amount of time remaining on the permit. Quarterly permits are non-refundable.

I have payroll deduction

Permits are charged to payroll deduction one month in advance. If a parking permit is returned by the 15th of the month, the permit is cancelled. If a permit is turned in after the 16th, a credit for the following month is given, and a temporary permit is issued for the remainder of the current month. Payroll deduction is terminated by Parking Services upon receipt of permit.

Click here to learn more about our Payroll Deduction policy.

I have payroll deduction and am going on leave without pay or separating/retiring from UCSB

Permits on payroll deduction remain the property of Parking Services until the expiration of the permit. If you are going on a “without salary” leave for longer than one month or separating from UCSB, the permit must be returned to the Parking Services office.

If the permit is not returned, an unpaid balance due will continue to accumulate on your parking account for any months not collected until the permit expires. If on leave, the past due balance will be collected in full from your first paycheck upon return of your leave. If separated, the vehicle displaying the permit will be subject to citation and further collection efforts will be taken on the past due balance.

Parking Services is not automatically informed of changes to your payroll status, and permit charges are liable to accumulate after your temporary or permanent separation from UCSB. By accepting the terms of permit purchase by payroll deduction, you accept responsibility for charges that accumulate on your account until your permit is returned, reported missing to our office, or expired.

I have a multi-year permit

Multi-year permits are automatically renewed. The automatic renewal triggers monthly payroll deductions and/or other recurring charges until the permit expires, or until it is returned to Parking Services.

For more information

Please call or visit the Parking Services office if you have further questions about permit refunds.